It is a miracle drug. I have diabetes and had trouble keeping an erection for several years. I started taking Kamagra gelabout a year ago, and the results are incredible. I started with 50 mg pills, but I just wanted to be me more. So now I am taking 100 mg tablets and the results are excellent! I have multiple orgasms, and as my lover. Our relationship inproved 500% and would not trade it for anything in the world. Thank you Mr. Kamagra. You are a genius!

I was very skeptical, but eventually get Viagra. I can not recommend enough these pills. I feel like a person again and again. Thanks to Sildenafil Jelly.

It was a dream, as one of my friends decided to use Viagra. At first I laughed at the idea, but now it's great.

Regarding the effect: I notice the increase in blood flow and a better stamina using the pills (I use 50mg). A side effect I noticed that my nose clogs, so I think I have a cold for an hour or so after one tablet. No other side effects.

I found it very effective. I supported extremely hard erection for 4-hour period. Side effects were sometimes runny nose and eyes as tired feeling. An unexpected side effect was increased blood flow to the area until the next day sometimes can get and maintain an erection.

Great first but I got admission in a few weeks. At first it was like I was 16 years old, but with much more stamina. But the effect of super erection does not last past 3 weeks

Tried for 8 months after prostate surgery. Does not work. It gave me severe headaches the next day. Headaches decreased for 5 days. Headache medications have not given relief!

Fine. What can I say - Kamagra was great. Powered about 6-7 hours with very minimal side effects. Only experience side effects that I had a mild headache the next day. Use it for 6 months now and I have not noticed any decrease in efficiency / power. I'm only 29 years old, though.